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[work-in-progress, for sample purposes only]

Nagisa is a Javascript framework built on top of jQuery and Underscore. It's named after a character from the anime "Clannad." You could say it's a response to the suddenly ubiquitous frameworks like Backbone, Ember, and Angular, but it actually developed organically as a way to do things I needed to do as I was in process of re-architecting some fairly large applications.

It's not:
- Complete. You can't really use it on your own quite yet, but have patience.
- Perfect. I’m sure there are flaws I haven't thought of and anyway, everything is subjective and there are a hundred "right" ways to do anything. This is a way that I think makes sense, and I have seen through direct experience how easy, enjoyable, fast and scalable it can make development.
- Just for me, or hardcore JS developers. The idea is that anyone with basic programming skills, including developers who mostly work on backend, can use this without a huge learning curve. Nagisa was specifically created to let everyone on the team be able to use JS in a consisent, productive and fun manner.

Nagisa Examples


Most rich media sites have hundreds or thousands of lines of code dedicated to transforming JSON returned from the server into content on the screen. The demo below does it all in 11 lines of non-framework code. Just tell Nagisa what route to call, what data to expect to get back, what template to use, and where to add the result to the page. You can even have multiple handlers on one call if you're returning different types of data!
Coming soon: Tie-in with lazyload/pagination.

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